Thursday, January 26, 2012

Multiplicative Inverse or Reciprocals

Today my class did a lesson with Multiplicative Inverse or Reciprocals. Hope this helps you in some way.

Lesson Introduction and Title

Their definition for the terms multiplicative inverse or reciprocal.
Example 1

Example 1 continued showing the reciprocal.
Showing that the reciprocal of the example is 1.
Example 2
With example 2 you have to make it an improper fraction first before doing the multiplicative inverse.
Example 2 continued with applying the reciprocal to the example.
Example 2 showing that the answer is or will be 1.
Next step in Solving Equations
Example 1
Example 1 - I teach my students way before this that variables want to be alone. I really stress the alone part by telling them a story about how the variable is always sharing his games (playstation,xbox, wii, etc.). So with equations you do the opposite and the opposite in this case is multiply the number that is with your variable. What I do to do one side I have to do to the other side. You should hear my students on this on.
Cross simplify and then multiply. The variable n is alone and equals 28.
A multiple choice question using equations.
In this example the variable has an entire fraction. To solve you do the reciprocal of the fraction to both sides. I put that in ( ).
Solving the equation and getting the multiple choice answer of d.

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