Saturday, December 31, 2011

Organization for Absent Work

Organization- I love it and hate it at the same time!

In a previous post "While Your Were Out." I posted my sheet that I currently use for absent students. You can click on the above link to go to that post.

In this post I want to show you where I put that sheet and absent work.
I teach 3 cores and find that if I have a central location, then the students can go right to the spot and get cracking on getting their owed work done.

As you can see I have the three cores labeled and I just drop the sheet with the paper clipped work into the appropriate file folder pocket.  Simple, but effective!!!

Sorry for the bad pic.  This was when I first started this year and the classroom was in the "process" stage.

What do you do for your absentee work? Share your ideas and tips!


Have you heard about this? Do you play in your classroom?

I've played Homeworkopoly with 5th graders and customized the streets so they are the street names of my students- they really loved this.

I've even been playing it with my 6th graders.  The individual spaces are not named, but the kids love to play regardless. I love the fact that it rewards the individual students instead of rewarding the class if all students have completed their homework. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with teachers doing this, I just prefer using Homeworkopoly.

I play once every week, usually on Friday and sometimes on Monday.  Students only get to play if they have completed their homework on time.  NO LATE assignments.

I have these colored dice for students to use while playing.

I have made the prizes simple and easy.  I use homework passes only if students land on the HW space, erasers, candy, pens, coupons (usually post-it notes that have the following messages: Do 1/2 of a CW assignment, Do 1/2 of a HW assignment, and Do 1/2 of a WB page. The last three give the student some practice on the skill being taught or reviewed, but they don't have to do all of them.

I also set up one of the spaces so that they get a ticket- this is to be traded in for candy, and homework passes.

I have a metal cabinet so I've put magnets on all of my pieces and then I bought round magnets from Walmart that the students put a neon round sticker on and write their name with a fine point sharpie pen.

Click here to get the downloads to make your own:  HOMEWORKOPOLY


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekly Teacher Tip #2

While You Were Out Sheet

One of the tools that has helped me, my students, and parents is a "While You Were Out" sheet.  I try to list everything that I might do in my class and make it as easy to fill out as possible.  Some teachers on the web would allow a student to fill them out and attach papers given out for that day. I need to give up that control, but haven't yet.  It is also a working document and can be revamped at any time. I'm into making less and less copies, so I have put two to a page.  Use bright colored paper so they are easy to spot. Have a general location in your room that doesn't change for them to always check and get their work when they come back from being absent. 

Click here to get a copy- "While You Were Out