Sunday, December 4, 2011

Math Poke a Fact

In this day and age where budgets have been cut and you as a teacher are being asked to use less paper and worksheets. Here is a way to practice math without a worksheet.  If you haven't joined "The Organized Classroom," you should. She has videos and  lots of freebies.  She is great!  I took one of her ideas and adopted it for my students. I put problems to practice Integers in place of the multiplication problems.  I didn't want to do a worksheet and yes it takes a little bit of time to make them, laminate them, and hole punch them, but after they are done, you don't have to do them again, unless you  become addicted and have to have them to practice other things in math. 

Addition of Integers-

I personally print them on neon card stock.  Then I use a cutting board to cut them the same size.  I put the answers on the back and then laminate.  I'm a little crazy when it comes to certain things and I had to hole punch them before putting the answers on the back and then hole punch them again after laminating. I know I added more work for myself, but it is just how I did them.

Students work with a partner.  One student puts the pencil in a hole, says the problem out loud, and the other student knows the answer by reading the back of the card that is facing them. Students got the necessary practice without doing a worksheet.  As the teacher, I could facilitate and I could walk around and observe the students practicing and very quickly see who was having trouble and who wasn't. 

I will be adding subtraction and multiplication in the next few days, so, please come back and get those as well. 

Hope they are something you can use. Let me know what you think?

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