Friday, November 11, 2011

This year in the land of 6th grade Math

I don't know about you, but I'm having a great year!  I have one class of AIG, one class of AIG/High Achievers, and one class of High Achievers/Watch students. The students are willing to learn and do whatever I ask them.  They are kids and love to play games. My second class doesn't like it when one particular student gets all the right answers and does the problems quickly, but I make all of them winners.

The year seems to be moving very quickly and I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving.  I guess part of this post is due to the fact that today I give thanks that I get to do what I really love to do, teach. I give thanks for the parents, students, and collegues that I have.  So this is a early thanks to all those people that are in my life.  My husband who really doesn't understand my job (all the work outside of the classroom, the money spent, and the time devoted as well). He is my biggest supporter and even helps me when I come up with a project (more to come about that after completion). Finally my son, who pushes me to continue to post weekly to this blog, because he believes I have something to share. THANK YOU!

So who do you thank? Are you thankful for what you do? Do you enjoy your job- the art of teaching?

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